Hip-Hop ~ A Tribe Called Quest_Buggin' Out

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Recently watched the new documentary on these guys 'Beats, Rhymes and Life' which featured in the 2011 Sundance Film Festival, great film, real intimate and gritty, recommend it. So, a track from A Tribe Called Quest is in order, Buggin' Out is a big old-school hip hop track. Enjoy it.

Download: A Tribe Called Quest - Buggin' Out

Electro ~ Martin Solveig & Dragonette_Hello

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It's that one from the BBC One ads.

Download: Martin Solveig & Dragonette - Hello

Hip-Hop ~ Mikill Pane_The Return Of Mister Pane

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Old one from Mikil Pane but still sick and still has a stupidly low number of hits on youtube.

Download: Mikill Pane - The Return Of Mister Pane

DnB ~ Twisted Individual_Bastard Sword

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Been away for a while....

Bastard Swords - Twisted Individual is from a record (B Sides, Stinkers And Hits You Slept) he, pretty arrogantly released containing tracks he thought weren't appreciated enough on their first release. The drop is an unlikely one, relying on simple/tribal bass/percussion to carry it through rather than the typical distorted synth leads from the usual suspects we hear these days. A real low ceiling rave track.

Download: Twisted Individual - Bastard Sword
This track was never officially released with Ms Dynamite's vocals over the verse. There's only one version on youtube which proves it exists. Been looking for the 320 for ages, but cannot and will not find it so here's the 192.

Download: Nextmen ft Ms Dynamite - Lion's Den (Truth Remix)
Lykke Li's - I Follow Rivers remixed by The Magician. Strong track, shame about the video...

'I Follow Rivers' is the second single from Lykke's sophomore album 'Wounded Rhymes' out globally late February - early March. This is a remix by The Magician.

Download: Lykke Li - I Follow Rivers (The Magician Remix)

House ~ Chemical Brothers_Star Guitar

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An incredibly creative video by a very talented duo.

Download: Chemical Brothers - Star Guitar

Hip-Hop ~ The Thunderclaps_Judgement Day

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Now I know several DJ's have started their sets with this track; DJ Yoda - Fabriclive 39, Raffertie - Bigger Than Barry Mixtape etc, however, the fact is, this IS one of the sickest tracks to start a set with. It'll rip the audiences attention from ketamines grasp and thrust you into the spotlight. If you listen to this track and can't imagine just standing in the DJ booth of some club at the beginning of your set playing this track out to the crowd then you're frankly a prick... Enjoy.

Download: The Thunderclaps - Judgement Day

Dubstep ~ True Tiger_Slang Like This

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Haven't blogged in a while now, suppose I lost interest due to the lack of traffic on this blog. However, for those that are watching, this track is HUGE!! It is going to be the next dubstep anthem of London. Trust.
True Tiger is made up of a collaboration of DJ's, most notably Scandalous Unltd and Sukh Knight. I've always loved Sukh Knight's tracks and their indian influences, its what really sets him apart from other London dubstep DJ's and I'm glad to hear this asian vibe so deeply entrenched in the True Tiger sound.

Download: Link Removed

Dubstep ~ Benga ft. Katy B_Katy On A Mission

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This track is simply huge. A refreshingly reserved wobble, characteristic of Benga's style is what makes this song so chilled and really carries the track. It's still mean enough for you to pull a bassface though, ha. Katy B is going to be big to feature in these sort of tracks. And here is a 320 version of the track which is hard enough to come by on the net right now. Has a nice vid aswell check it out.

Download: Benga ft. Katy B - Katy On A Mission

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